Inviting people to experience Jesus together with us.

Core Faith


The Story We Are Living

In the beginning our God created life, including people whom he created equally in his image. Though we rejected God’s will for our lives, God has continued loving us. So, full of grace and mercy, God sought after us. He did this by redeeming the people of Israel from which God himself would come, in the flesh, as the Son, Jesus the Messiah. In Jesus, God has sought to restore the communion that our sin destroyed, by removing the sin through the death of Jesus on the cross. Though buried among the dead, God raised Jesus from death, assuring the world that in Jesus the Messiah was true life, eternal life that could never be destroyed again.

By faith we accepted God’s gift of redemption, repented of our sins and surrendered our lives in the waters of baptism to Jesus who is our Lord and Savior. In turn, God has made us his people, the church, along with everyone else who follows Jesus as Lord and Savior, forgiving us of our sins and giving us the gift of his Spirit. We are the church where communion with God and one another is a reality – the new reality – once again. Having received the Holy Spirit as both a promise of our salvation and the source of God’s power in us as we live out this new reality, we live a life of love by faith and with hope for the day when Jesus will come again as he promised. In the meantime, because we belong to a new reality and life, we live out this story as a proclamation to the world that in Jesus the Messiah, God is victorious over all sin, darkness, and death.

This is the faith proclaimed by the apostles of Jesus, passed on throughout history as the tradition of the church, and taught within the Bible which is the inspired word of God.